College basketball

College Basketball Hot Seat: The Candidates (II)

A continuation of the first coaching candidates post. Tubby Smith (personal site, with some booty bass soundtrack?! PG-13 language as well.) For some reason, folks think that Tubby wants to come...

College Basketball Hot Seat: The Candidates

It's part of the job, and every college coach knows it. They probably fear it. No one wants to hear they they are on the hot seat. It means abuse for your family who come out to watch the games, it...

Basketball Hot Seat Firings as of 3.12.09

Surprisingly, DePaul's Jerry Wainwright got a vote of confidence. Here is a list of coaches let go from their jobs: Boston University'sDennis Wolff (which really surprised me) - Coaching record by...

Basketball Roundtable Feb 26 Blog Poll

I am a little late getting in on this, but there is a blogger roundtable hosted by the Sea of Blue blog (Kentucky); I'm throwing some answers into the ring. The roundtable consists of bloggers who...

CBS Sports Bloggers' Blogpoll, Week one

This week is the inaugural CBSSports College Basketball inaugural blogpoll. And this blog was invited to participate. Each of us (participating blogs listed here) is also asked to talk about our...

Top Ten Conferences' RPI as of Feb 04 - Top heavy conferences

The median measure of numbers gives a truer understanding of the average; it's less skewed by spectacularly good or spectacularly bad results. And so, while skimming work and thinking about...

The previous Lute Olsen post - an apology

Turns out that Lute had a stroke last year and is suffering from depression, explaining his bizarre behavior. An explanation from the Dagger blog on Yahoo! Sports. So I apologize for my last Lute...

New York City "Big Five" tournament?

The New York Daily News' brings up a proposal that has bounced around the media for a bit - a NYC-area centered tournament, a la the Big Five, where local squads play for bragging rights. Some...

More on Lute Olsen's quitting of the Arizona Wildcats

Lute Olsen has stepped away from the Arizona Wildcats program he grew into a national power. Gary Parrish has a piece on how perhaps Lute Olsen should have resigned, that he was losing a step or...

Lute Olsen Steps Down as HC of AZ

Man, that last practice must have really sucked. Lute Olsen is walking away from the Arizona Wildcat basketball program, but no official statement's come out yet.

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