College basketball

News from around the world of college basketball.

More on Lute Olsen's quitting of the Arizona Wildcats


Lute Olsen has stepped away from the Arizona Wildcats program he grew into a national power. Gary Parrish has a piece on how perhaps Lute Olsen should have resigned, that he was losing a step or...

Lute Olsen Steps Down as HC of AZ


Man, that last practice must have really sucked. Lute Olsen is walking away from the Arizona Wildcat basketball program, but no official statement's come out yet.

Second Chance for Pierre Pierce


Proving you can always get a second chance: Former star Iowa Hawkeye basketball player Pierre Pierce won his appeal to "complete his probation" in France, where he has a contract to play...

Cue Thuggy Bear Jokes Up


Son, don't argue with the police. Wait, who goes to Pirates games, anyway? Is Morgantown, WV that boring? From Wire reports: Two West Virginia University basketball players were charged with...

Traded Bucks, Young Bucks, Low on Bucks, + Terrapins


Jason Taylor, once a robot, now a Redskin; Peter King does a fine job breaking down the trade. But we at the East Coast Bias are more about that college basketball, so: ESPN on recruiting 8th...

Brandon Jennings, European Explorer


To catch you up: recently, it's been tossed about that top high school recruit, Brandon Jennings, might skip out of his commitment to the University of Arizona and play in Europe, due to some...

Sports Tip Drill 06.16.08


Me? I've been summering it up and welcoming expatriate New Yorkers, watching the trees twist in the wind when it storms, and watching Euro 2008. Are you NOT watching this? This tournament is...

Sports Links 06.02.08


It's supposed to be the dead period for college basketball. A few odds and ends players for the class of 2008 are still out there, as are junior college players; the coaches soldier on. There...

Players' Upbringing?


I hate to see a young player get caught in a scandal; and OJ Mayo's business recently got put on blast, as you probably know. A member of his "entourage", Robert Guillory, told ESPN that Mayo has...

Bryant Bulldogs: Jumping to D-I


I've never heard of Bryant University in Rhode Island. I don't even know where Smithfield, RI is. But the Bryant University Bulldogs are going to move up from Division II to Division I. Their...

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