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Multi-Year APR data for St. John's, Big East

How does the team stack up?


NCAA: Water is for Hydration, Not Vehicles

Joseph Nardone puts the NCAA on blast for a recently... nonsensical ruling

Will a new league be high-major quality?

Profiling the Big East "Catholic" Conference's additions in terms of NCAA history and attendance.

Big East's hoops schools meet to discuss future

Dissolution is discussed, no decisions made.

Linked up: Around SB Nation United

On college basketball's top 100 players, Moe Harkless, no ACC in MSG, and last night's Packers/ Seahawks disaster. Also, Prince.

A quick peek at the future of Rumble in the Garden (and SB Nation, too)

A new logo is just the teaser for the changes coming to Rumble in the Garden.

A midsummer Heisman lament, starring Jake the Snake Plummer

Jake Plummer made Pico consider the predestined nature of the Heisman Trophy.

More icon than moment: Keeth Smart

A post in which Pico writes about fencing and St. John's grad, Keeth Smart.

XFinity Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest

Will you choose the brainiac with the encyclopedia of stats, the former jock who knows the game inside out, or the corporate type who gets the marketing side of the business? You decide. Vote today at

The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest

Contest alert, sports fans. Check out the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest below; I know a lot of our readers are interested in working in sports, so this might be up your alley. TITLE:...


From the mothership: Rumble in the Garden iPhone app update

The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1  is now available in the App Store!  The first iteration of the app was solid; but the higher-ups took some feedback and made some changes (I have the app, it's...

How are we doing? A short survey for you to take

Just TEN days until Red Storm Tip-Off kicks off the new season of St. John's basketball. As we're ramping up to cover our first full season as the Rumble (and our fifth season as a running blog),...

The SB Nation IPhone app is live

I - and many others - follow my sports news on my mobile app. So it's with great pleasure that I announce that the SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the Apple App Store. Go download it -...

SB Nation's mobile app is coming.

A little off topic, but this maybe of interest to the technology heads who frequent the Rumble in the Garden site - we thank you for reading, by the way. SB Nation will soon have a mobile reader...

Welcome to the SB Nation Conference redraft project. Buckle in.

Welcome to the SB Nation Conference redraft project/ game. Buckle in.

Congratulations to St. John's great Mark Jackson... what are they saying about the hire?

Congratulations to St. John's great Mark Jackson... what's the buzz about his hire?

NBA Draft Day 2009

photos from Draft Express and the Hoops Report Years ago I would meet with some friends at one of the larger bars in Manhattan to watch the NBA draft, mostly so I could lose my mind and start...

Shorts Stacks 3.31.09 - link dump

While the Chicago Sun Times files for bankruptcy...and as you wait for Google's yearly April Fools' joke... remember that some man was arrested for drunk driving on a bar stool... and you HAVE to...

Sports Links: Late as Orange, Black as Widow, Green as Backs

It's time to get back to links as the Red Storm season comes to a close. Out of the sports world, "Sexting", the practice of teens sending racy pictures to each other via text, is one of the worst...

Last Week in the Rumble

Election 2008 is almost over. Fatigue has set in (though I don't know why people think that elections will get any better, easier, or less pervasive). The site, this f$%king election has a...

Best Wishes to Knicks' Isiah Thomas - overdose

Isiah Thomas went to the hospital this morning for an overdose on sleeping pills. Ten pills were taken; the police don't believe it's a suicide attempt. Whatever the problem is, good luck to Isiah...

Last 2 Weeks in the blog

Tina Fey didn't want to do the Sarah Palin impression on Saturday Night Live; abandoned homes in Fort Myers (can't wait to see those when I visit the fam!); and it's the first day of fall. +...

Sports Links: Nazis, Yi, Salukis, Usain, Yung Giuliani, andmore

Hugo Chavez is ramping up his anti-American rhetoric. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has a tough time answering questions; here's a post on how her answer should imply a lack of preparation for the job....

Give that Fan a Hand... Job

h/t to the Big Lead: Most bizarre email this weekend: "During The UTEP/UT game they cut to fans sitting on nearby rocks watching the game. They focused on a guy and girl who was giving said guy a...

RIP Don Haskins

Haskins is best known for beating Kentucky for the national championship in 1966 (as chronicled, with some flourishes, in the movie Glory Road); he also won 719 games and got Texas Western, now...

Still Ghetto, The Montauk Monster, Deadline Day, and OtherHappenings

Ah, a busy day at work, there is a (dude that's totally fake) Montauk Monster that washed up on the eastern LI shores (pictured @ left). The oldest recorded joke we know of is about flatulence,...

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