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Report: Ackerman to become Big East Commissioner


The new Big East will begin with a new Commissioner.

Morning Rumble - scandals and boondoggles


DePaul and Rutgers are in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The first day of the rest of the Big East


A press conference with a lot of fireworks, as the Big East announces the continuation of tournament at Madison Square Garden, the additions of Butler, Creighton, and Xavier, and a search for a...

C7 updates: Big East name, possible loss of MSG

Two reports today shine a light on the future structure and naming of the Conference of the "Catholic" Schools, and the future of the Big East Tournament location.

The Big East is close to a deal


The Big East that will be left behind is closing in a final deal that will secure their future on the rising network NBC Sports.

Report: Catholic 7 split not until at least 2014


There's at least another season of Big East play likely, as the various programs sort out the monetary and legal issues of a Big East split.

Will a new league be high-major quality?


Profiling the Big East "Catholic" Conference's additions in terms of NCAA history and attendance.

Big East's Catholics nearing decision to leave


The next 48 hours should see a statement from the basketball-only schools about their decision to move on from the Big East... or not.

The A10 allure & preserving the Big East brand


Discussing the appeal of the Atlantic Ten and Steve Lavin's comments about St. John's unique position.

Big East's hoops schools meet to discuss future


Dissolution is discussed, no decisions made.

Estimated effect of realignment on BE Media Deal


New financial numbers guess at the fallout from conference realignment for the Big East's media deal.

Rutgers Sues Big East for Millions, waiver of fees/ notice of departure


"Upon information and belief, the new withdrawal fee of $10 million arbitrarily applies to some, but not all, of the Big East football schools, and the effect is to penalize certain members if they seek to withdraw," the complaint states. Rutgers claims that none of the other schools that left the conference were held to the 27-month/$5 million fee standard. "Moreover, the Big East's excusal of noncompliance by Syracuse, Pittsburgh, TCU, and WVU with the 27 month notice provision of the Bylaws constitutes a waiver of this same provision with respect to Rutgers," the complaint states.

Why haven't basketball schools left the Big East?

What's the break-even point for basketball schools to leave the Big East Conference? St. John's is one of two schools who recently wanted to keep the Big East together. And the logic makes sense.

Louisville leaves Big East


Louisville receives an invite to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Tulane, ECU to Big East


Rutgers leaves; Tulane joins; the rumor mill centers around Louisville and Connecticut.

Basketball schools brace for realignment fallout

On Rutgers, Maryland, Connecticut, and this idea that St. John's could go to the ACC.

Big East media rights to go on open market


As expected, the Big East takes its media rights onto the open market. The results will determine just how much the Big East programs can spend.

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