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Searching for the right five

There have been some strange sights this fall for the St. John's Red Storm. Just when a fan thinks they know who Steve Lavin's 8 man rotation is... there's another player logging major minutes who...

Is St. John's playing too aggressively?

College basketball recruits are always attracted to the high-paced offense. College basketball fans love to see big offensive numbers put up; makes the game seem more "exciting". In the quest for...

St. John's is an interesting team, Steve Lavin an impact hire

We're filling these spaces in the preseason with previews, human interest stories, guess/speculation, and generally chomping at the bit to get it on with some games. I'm trying to hit some...

Early look at the Big East: Pitino thinks St. John's will top the Big East

The Big East's coaches pre-ranked the men's basketball teams in May. And Rick Pitino's pick is off the reservation. According to Katz' article (linked below), the Big East coaches voted on the...

Change Is Here? The new coach smell

Change Is Gonna … Change Is Finally Here! For Big East Basketball, the past few years have solidified a caste system of basketball, a list of regular haves and have-nots. The narrative, summed...

Steve Lavin's staff for St. John's, other NY-Area coaching news

(Photo from Tuscon-Citizen) In St. John's-related news: Steve Lavin's staff at St. John's is filling out. After hiring the well-connected Tony Chiles from Drexel as an assistant coach, Johnny...

St. John's basketball: addressing Steve Lavin's negatives

Previously: Steve Lavin: the solution or the question | Welcome new St. John’s head coach, Steve Lavin The best coach in the program is the new coach. The new coach is the hero on the white...

Game 33: Memphis 73, St. John's 71

Official boxscore | Statsheet boxscore Memphis Tigers advance to the second round of the NIT to face Mississippi (aka Ole Miss). St. John's ends the season with a 17-16 record. The season ends...

St. John's a 6 seed in the NIT

St. John's season is (surprisingly?) extended with a berth to the NIT. The Storm lost to Marquette in the Big East Tournament, and many wrote about the end of Norm Roberts' tenure as head coach of...

2010 Coaching Carousel: More teams hand out pinkslips

It's that season, where schools look upon others going to the postseason with green envy and make a move to try and revitalize their program, chopping off the public head. Here is our update on the...

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