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Norm Roberts a candidate for an assistant coaching spot at Florida (update: Roberts to Florida)

Norm Roberts may be a candidate to fill an assistant position at Florida.

YABB prediction model likes St. John's basketball to improve

Yet Another Basketball Blog (YABB) has been going through conference previews, using a model that writer Dan Hanner has crafted to predict teams' finishes. He predicts the efficiencies of teams...

Change Is Here? The new coach smell

Change Is Gonna … Change Is Finally Here! For Big East Basketball, the past few years have solidified a caste system of basketball, a list of regular haves and have-nots. The narrative, summed...

Looking Back on Steve Lavin's UCLA Teams

One of the burning questions about new St. John’s coach Steve Lavin is "what will Lavin’s teams look like"? Will the team run? Will they be able to score? Can they make a move in the Big...

Steve Lavin: the coaching solution or the question for St. John's

Strong rumors have it that former UCLA coach Steve Lavin may be the next St. John's coach. He didn't do enough for the UCLA Bruins fans, and has been out of the coaching game for 7 years (with the...

Norm Roberts fired as St. John's head coach

As anticipated, Norm Roberts ends his tenure as St. John's head coach. More on the change and what happens next to come. The school is indicating a desire to spend money, like DePaul has. One...

Game 33: NIT Round 1 St. John's vs Memphis Tigers

Tip Off: 9:00 PM, Wednesday, March 17Location: Fed Ex ForumAt: Memphis Tigers (NIT)TV: ESPN 2Radio: Bloomberg 1130AM Delayed 10:00 PM As of now, there is no word on a coaching change; and the team...

St. John's basketball: Norm Roberts Out as Head Coach?

The NY Post's Lenn Robbins got the scoop that Norm Roberts is out at coach. ESPN has run with it a little this afternoon. But there is no official word on Norm Roberts' status, and St. John's is...

When It's Time to Change Mar 3 update

A recap of an earlier post from February 11th about the reason St. John's needs a new coach - the team has been consistently giving up more points than they score. And this year, the offense is...

2010 College Basketball Hot Seat: Evaluate Your Up and Comers

See the earlier post: Coaches on the Hot Seat You, dear reader, have probably come across this post because your school will possibly make a coaching change, and you've been on the message boards...

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