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St. John's basketball: 2 interviews, 1 bat, + recruiting update

Addendum: interviews, Coach Dunlap's bat, and recruiting notes: Jon Rothstein got a sit-down interview with Steve Lavin for the MSG Network. Lavin says his focus is on: making free throws; ...

St. John's basketball: Keady, D'Angelo Harrison commits for 2011, Red Storm tip off

+ St. John's has officially hired Gene Keady to be an advisor to the St. John's staff. A lot of experience, a coaching tree built on man-to-man defense, and a sounding board for Steve Lavin. Got...

Updates: Tip-off festivities and St. John's 2011 recruiting

This Friday, St. John's hosts the Red Storm Tip Off, an event featuring the men's and women's teams, a dunk contest, and scrimmages. Not only is it the beginning of the season, but it's free; and...

St. John's 2011 recruiting update: Jakarr Sampson to St. John's (UPDATE)

A second commitment for the St. John's Red Storm in the class of 2011 - Jakarr Sampson, a forward from Akron, Ohio. And yes, he went to the same high school as LeBron James. He has a wealth of...

St. John's 2011 recruiting update: Maurice Harkless is in

On Twitter, Lenn Robbins reports that 6'6" (or 6'8") Maurice Harkless has committed to play for the St. John's Red Storm in 2011. He is the first of many recruits for the class, and an excellent...

St. John's recruiting: Mike Perez to UTEP (UPDATED)

Earlier this summer, we posted on the strange and quick commitment of Mike Perez to St. John's. There was some confusion over whether Perez had actually gotten an offer, what it was contingent on,...

St. John's basketball updates, mid-August

I don't know if things are changing yet for the Red Storm basketball program - the results play out on the court. But the offseason scuttlebutt hasn't been a news outlet/ blog wondering if this is...

Early August notes on St. John's recruiting (updated)

The evaluation period is over. For most schools, it becomes a babysitting period, where coaches show love by sitting in the stands, intently watching their favorite prospects' games. But for the S...

St. John's recruiting: Contact period is on

Today is August 1st, the first day the colleges can contact their prospective recruits. Obviously, through a mix of early contacts, mail, appearances at a players' summer league "Evaluation...

Big East Roundtable July: Pt 3

(This is the third of a series. For a list of participants and who is leaving the Big East, see Part I | For a look at some of the players coming into the league, see Part II) This is the third of...

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