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Change Is Here? The new coach smell

Change Is Gonna … Change Is Finally Here! For Big East Basketball, the past few years have solidified a caste system of basketball, a list of regular haves and have-nots. The narrative, summed...

Steve Lavin's staff for St. John's, other NY-Area coaching news

(Photo from Tuscon-Citizen) In St. John's-related news: Steve Lavin's staff at St. John's is filling out. After hiring the well-connected Tony Chiles from Drexel as an assistant coach, Johnny...

Game 33: Memphis 73, St. John's 71

Official boxscore | Statsheet boxscore Memphis Tigers advance to the second round of the NIT to face Mississippi (aka Ole Miss). St. John's ends the season with a 17-16 record. The season ends...

2010 Coaching Carousel: More teams hand out pinkslips

It's that season, where schools look upon others going to the postseason with green envy and make a move to try and revitalize their program, chopping off the public head. Here is our update on the...

St. John's basketball: Norm Roberts Out as Head Coach?

The NY Post's Lenn Robbins got the scoop that Norm Roberts is out at coach. ESPN has run with it a little this afternoon. But there is no official word on Norm Roberts' status, and St. John's is...

NCAA Vault + Other NCAA basketball Links

Do you want to watch NCAA games from 2000 to now, online? I know I do. What a way to not get work done. The NCAA Vault full video page with game highlights, cuts by "great plays" and "great...

Seth Davis on St. John's basketball

I'll post on the loss tonight in the morning - it was pretty poor. But for now, a Q and A from Seth Davis, who was asked a question about his thoughts on the situation at St. John's and whether...

College Basketball Coaches on the Hot Seat - 2010

It's that time again - I can tell from the searches that are leading to this blog - to start talking about the college basketball coaches on the hot seat. Many of the coaches on this list were...

Good News - New Uniforms for the Red Storm

St. John's is one of 8 teams to be outfitted in Nike's new Hyper Elite uniforms, supposedly 70% lighter than a traditional elite level uniform. Whatever that means. Some Nike copy from Red Storm...

St. John's vs Rutgers: 5 Questions with On the Banks of the Raritan

Pregame for the St. John's/ Rutgers game - the battle for Hudson dominance? Thanks to Shawn at On the Banks of the Raritan for answering 5 pertinent questions about the Scarlet Knight game before...

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