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Game #4 Quick Hits: St. John's 68, LIU 56

Some quick hitters from the LIU/ St. John's game. Here's a boxscore for you, as well.

- Dele Coker got the start. He played some minutes... and picked up 4 fouls. The rotation in general was highly "experimental," with Cavataio coming in during the first half but only taking one shot, Sean Evans coming in and giving some minutes, Larry Wright not playing enough time. And Jasiulionis played also!

- Justin Burrell and DJ Kennedy were pretty masterful, shooting well, rebounding, stealing the ball...

- Anthony Mason Jr's defense was credible but his shot (air-ball) was NOT. And then he rolled over an LIU player's ankle, hurting it again... Norm's postgame comments sound cheery but somehow I think the result will not be as sunny.

- Ugly effing game. No one shot, Larry Wright got bumped/ hurt a little, but scored some crucial points late for 10 in total.

- Lawrence and Horne shot bricks... and I believe they had 15-20 turnovers.