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Game #5: St. John's 47 at Miami Hurricanes 66, or Wha' Happen?

It was an ass-whoopin', clean and clear.

Basically, Miami's bigger athletes overpowered the Johnnies. The first half was ugly but St. John's tied the game at the half. Then they came out and got abused in the second half by Anthony King, who was Tyler Hansbrough for one small, fortunate stretch of his life. That will be his highlight reel to eastern European teams with interest in him when he's done with this, his 6th year of eligibility.

The Red Storm looked confused, out of sorts; Larry Wright couldn't hit the sidewalk with his shot; Burrell was handled on both ends of the court; and the coaches had no good answers. The whole team just missed a lot of shots against the physical Hurricane defense.

After the half, it wasn't close. Boxscore and AP recap for this dog of a game.