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Game #6, Niagara Purple Eagles 77, St. John's 73

Niagara shoots 46 free throws in this one to counteract their 5-19 outside shooting. Their arms were tired, I suppose; they only made 32 of them (65%), but it's good enough for a four point win, for a team that just doesn't win on the road.

The team is 4-2; more analysis to come. The "fire Norm" contingent will be at full throat this evening. The big men didn't seem to move their feet well; Justin Burrell finally got his first technical for arguing and glowering at the refs after not getting a foul call. Lawrence shot poorly and Paris Horne, though he hit 4 3-pointers, shot too much. Jasiulionis might have gotten injured again, since we didn't see him after the first minute of the game.