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St. John's basketball game #13: St. John's 70, Cincinnati 58


I found out at the last moment that my DirecTV package does not include ESPN Classic, the budget station this game was played on. But that's okay. Listened online at wfan online and heard a solid win. Analysis of individual performances to come, but the first thoughts:

- I love a win, but man, that was ugly. Happily surprised that the Red Storm cracked 70; I thought this would be a 58-53 slug n thug fest.

- Too many turnovers from the Johnnies, but they also forced turnovers from point guards Jamual Warren and Deonta Vaughn (who both got the start).

- Excellent play off the bench from Larry Wright (9 points, one steal, though his defense could have been better) in 15 minutes, and Rob Thomas with 4 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal and 2 turnovers in 12 minutes of action. Malik Boothe drove into the defense well, and even fought for a rebound with Cincy's bigs. It's true what they said, what he does doesn't show up in the box score. I like his effort and pace, but he really should try to show up in the box score more, that would be helpful also.

- Balanced play from DJ Kennedy, Justin Burrell, and Anthony Mason. Lawrence sdid a good job early on Vaughn, who didn't go off (24 points) until the second half.