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St. John's basketball: Notes on Minutes, Cincy, Free Larry Wright

I spent this weekend watching the best shows on television-- the Wire and Friday Night Lights. I even missed Roger Clemens' "pinky swear" that he'd never done steroids on 60 Minutes. I read the third-hand analysis from some FBI agent in the Daily News. And it was warm here in the frigid windy city, so I didn't prep much for you on the blog. But I'll add a little recap to the Cincy/ StJ game on Saturday (NY Post recap here)

- It almost looks like a rotation for St. John's, with Burrell and Mason logging the major minutes (Mason's were cut by his foul trouble against Syracuse), and Dele Coker getting a surprise 14.5 minutes per game. Malik got some run with a good stretch against the Orange, but was on the bench all but 9 minutes against the Bearcats.

St. John's minutes distribution 1.7.08

- My (and everyone else's) "Free Larry Wright" calls were heeded, and he got 15 instant offense minutes on Saturday. If he's not going to start-- and the suggestion is that Kennedy's rebounding makes him an asset since Mason Jr. and Geno Lawrence are NOT pulling down boards-- he has to get some minutes on this offensively challenged team. Paris' minutes were cut down and while his defense is solid, it's not so great to offset the lack of offense he provides. If he can get a better dribble and take some point guard minutes next year, he will be a true asset on the court. As is, he needs to find some easy shots outside of the offense, i.e. on fast breaks.

- Rob Thomas got some productive minutes against Cincy, but we can all see that he's still rounding into shape, and we're not going to see the real player until next season.