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Big East basketball Power Poll

I've been participating in the Big East Bloggers Power Poll. My Power Poll:

1. Georgetown - I loved the end of game play against U Conn. Then again, it is just U Conn. But the Hoyas are the most consistent in the league.
2. Marquette - Sometimes, the most exciting team in the league.
3. Notre Dame - The most fundamental? Harangody and the McAlarney/ Jackson backcourt might surprise some people come tourney time.
4. Pittsburgh - I have them this low because of the injuries... but then they beat Georgetown. Huh.
5. Louisville - They're coming back...
6. West Virginia - Early on I thought they were the best team in the league. And then they beat Marquette! And they lost on the road... this team needs some consistency. And they need to not lose to the Red Storm this week.
7. Connecticut - St. John's made them look good, but Stanley Robinson is still this year's Tim Thomas-- a lock to get drafted and be underwhelming.
8. Syracuse - Damn, that's a lot of injury. Donte' Green and Jonny Flynn, along with Harris and Onuaku are pretty good, but the team has serious defensive holes.
9. DePaul - The folks on DePaul message boards seem to think their teams doesn't necessarily run an offense. There's a lot of man-on-man freelancing, but it's been working-- Jerry Wainright's letting them run.
10. Cincinnati - Deonta Vaughn was on fire last week. Cincy's on the come-up, but needs to recruit more talent.
11. Providence - I am wildly underwhelmed so far.
12. South Florida - Getting good contributions from Dominique Jones an Chris Howard, this squad could be trouble.
13. Villanova - I just think they stink right now. They'll get better.
14. St. John's - I'm a homer, I admit it. But if a couple of players start struggling, the Storm could take out a couple of teams in front of them. The DePaul game was necessary for making the Big East Tournament, though...
15. Seton Hall - Paul Gause is still injured, they're still not great rebounders... I'll move 'em up when they win a conference game.
16. Rutgers - Whenever I feel bad about my team I remember the Scarlet Knights. Doesn't help me sleep much better but at least some team is more offensively inept than the Red Storm.

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