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St. John's basketball pregame - Game #16: at West Virginia Mountaineers (Part II)

Here, a call from the local Queens papers/ Times Ledger for more playing time for Malik Boothe. He needs to get on the court for at least 20 minutes tonight.

Here are some previews of tonight's St. John's vs West Virginia game here, here, here, and some haterade here, that makes me want to see the halftime show. Will WVU fans yell "shre-dder, shre-dder?" Will they throw confetti on the court?

Quotes from St. John's:

From Coach Roberts:

"[Eugene Lawrence and I] sat down and talked about getting the ball to the right people at the right time, being patient. I want him to be aggressive at all times. We talked to the whole team about turnovers. We had four or five crucial turnovers at crucial times against DePaul. In this league, the games come down to four or five possessions that can change the tone of the game. We've got to be better at not turning it over at key times. I think he knows that we've got to play better. He'll turn it around, he's a tough kid. He's our leader and has been our leader. He's been in the gym working harder, shooting more. He wants to do the right things."

Freshman forward Justin Burrell on what the team can be doing more:

"Sometimes I feel as if one rebound could've been mine if I fought harder. If I would have just remembered to stay to my principles maybe that guy wouldn't have made a shot. I feel like if I would've made a stronger move I could've done something with my game that I know I can do. We just have to keep doing what we have to do, improving on the little things. That's what hurts us most, the little things. As freshmen we don't realize that one rebound or one blocked shot can change the game. As soon as we understand that, I feel that we'll be fine."

Ah, youth. Put up a good show tonight, y'all.