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St. John's basketball: West Virginia Players Know How to Relax Before a Game

In the rumor and innuendo section, this blog clearly states that they're about to blow up some closed-door spots. But the West Virginia Mountaineers are hitting the club to relax, like Patrick Ewing in the old days, and someone blogged about it. Fellas, you're on blast:

Quick check of the University of South Florida's schedule and ... ladies and gentlemen, your West Virginia Mountaineers!

Now why, you ask, would D-I men's basketball players be at a strip club the night before a game? I'm just spitballing here, but maybe because their coach is Bob Huggins, who is to discipline what Jenna Jameson is to monogamy.

Regardless, in these cats stroll in their warmups, and they're immediately a hit. Jamie Smalligan is the only one I can identify for sure, because there's only one 7-foot white guy on their roster. His three compadres - and this is not guaranteed info, because I was tipsy and it's a dark-ass club, so no libel suits please - were Wellington Smith, John Flowers and Da'Sean Butler….

So the guys are fun, and apparently have money. This was confirmed for me when the cats lined up at the stage and started making it rain on the girls. Not Benjis or Jacksons or anything, but there were certainly laying more money out there than I ever had in college. Either they all have wealthy families or the fine taxpayers of West Virginia, who dole out the cash for these guys' per diem, were instead financing the careers of Brooklyn, Chloe and Sparkle.

Hey, if it loosens them up...