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Big East Basketball Rankings for the Big East Bloggers Power Poll (1/28/08)

My Big East Basketball Rankings for the Big East Bloggers Power Poll

Here are my rankings for the Big East Bloggers Power Poll; see the cumulative rankings here.

1. Georgetown – I guess they’re still the class of the league, but when I watch them… I don’t see "dominance."
2. Louisville – I don’t think they’re very good at scoring, but they hit timely shots and their defense is bananas. Terrence Williams is a hell of a passer.
3. Marquette – They’re getting a touch of that "we can lose to anyone" feeling.
4. Notre Dame – Real good, real sharp, I really can’t put them above the other teams on the list.
5. Pittsburgh – They’re getting great performances out of a shoestring roster.
6. West Virginia – Awesome some days, mediocre others. I don't understand why they're inconsistent.
7. Connecticut – They’ll rise this week after the win over Louisville.
8. Syracuse – Great talent, gross defense.
9. DePaul – I have no idea how this is happening.
10. Cincinnati – The Bearcats are coming on behind Deonta Vaughn.
11. Seton Hall – Jamar Nutter and NuNu Harvey are coming along nicely; Brian Laing is playing well also.
12. Villanova – ‘Nova’s having a REAL bad stretch right now—not playing defense, and the outside shots aren’t falling with the regularity they need. Their style always walks the tightrope…
13. Providence – Underwhelming talent and underwhelming scorers. Is Tim Welsh on the hot seat?
14. Rutgers – WTF?!! Two wins? Beating Pittsburgh?! WTF!! They’re building confidence with hot shooting; and tough defense/ shot blocking; but they turn the ball over too much and they won’t be able to sustain that level of scoring.
15. South Florida – Now they have 2 Big East players in Kentrell Gransberry and Dominique Jones.
16. St. John's – My boys are the dregs. Only Anthony Mason Jr. can score. Coach Norm Roberts is definitely on the hot seat.

Player of the week: Anthony Mason Jr.
Freshman of the week: Mike Coburn. Hell, Rutgers wins? Someone has to get accolades!