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Scoop Jardine, Doug Wiggins, Big East Forde Tough, Ducks, and a St. John's Fan Rant

+ Syracuse guard Scoop Jardine was part of a jack of some kid’s student's ID card; his cousin rang up $115 of food. I hope he gets a short suspension and some community service, because that just sounds like some dumb college stuff to me. He’s no pariah, he’s just got a cousin who’s a jerk. Reminds me of this kid named Mason at my undergrad.

+ Jerome Dyson and Doug "Calhoun HATES Me!" Wiggins were caught drinking Vodka and Cognac aka Yak, leading to their suspension. Rough day, fellas? I mean… damn, what happened to beer?

+ If you didn't know, the Big East has a lot of tough teams, says Pat Forde. St. John’s isn’t really one of them, but they make you think they are for 25 minutes.

+ Oregon’s Athletic Director apologized for the Duck fans’ behavior toward Kevin Love.

+ Dave from Johnny Jungle has a fan rant about following the St. John’s Red Storm on Storming the Floor.