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Game #23: St. John's 43, Cincinnati 60

Box score

How much longer can the torture last? – MC Lyte, Cappuccino

Cincinnati is 12-12, 7-5 in conference play. St. John's falls to 10-13, 4-8 in conference play.

Another game against an opponent that should be comparable— albeit on the road—and St. John's looked like a low-level Horizon League team in an early season guarantee game. They shot under 26% overall, but 41.7% on the 12 3-point shots they took. That’s 20% on shots inside the arc. That can be attributable to good Cincy defense. But allowing a team that shot 18% on their 3-point shots and 47% overall… 55% from inside?

St John's players dejected

I am sure I'll have use for that picture of dejected St. John's players again. This game was a real turdblossom, but the shooting... that wasn’t the worst part. Maybe it was the 14 turnovers and 7 assists?

The single player in double figures (Larry Wright, 14)?

The confused offense, as always? With Justin Burrell passing to no one, and Malik Boothe not being able to make plays or hit wide open shots?

How big John Williamson had himself a career-best chest thumping day? And how the interior defenders were faked off their feet and just picked up fouls?

Or how St. John’s did not score at all until 13:44 was left on the clock, on a free throw? Or how the 12:32 mark was the first field goal?

The fact that announcer Doris Burke went into a bit about how European players were more skilled, talking about Tomas Jasiulionis’ ball handling and shooting—"he prefers to play on the outside," she said—facts that one would know are inconclusive at best because he never plays? And when he does, he fouls like the sweaty intense dude at the YMCA?

I think it was how, when Cavataio and Coker were logging garbage time minutes (I liked the rebounding from both of them and with another year of learning they’ll make more of an impact), ESPN switched from the game to…

BONUS COVERAGE. Like St. John’s was a bad NFL team being blown out by the Patriots.

ESPN ran a poll on Bruce Pearl/ Rick Pitino/ Bob Huggins' sideline sartorial stylings. Because they knew the game would BE. THIS. BAD.

Freshmen or not, St. John’s basketball program just can’t make progress with more double-digit losses like this.

More news tomorrow.