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Big East Power Poll 2.18.2008

The main poll, taken by a raft of Big East basketball bloggers, can be found (with a host of Big East News) at the NBE Basketball Blog.

Welcome, Johnny Jungle, to the poll!

My picks this week:

The East Coast Bias Player of the Week: Tory Jackson, ND. Big East Bloggers: AJ Price. Official Big East: AJ Price

The East Coast Bias Freshman of the Week: Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall. Big East Bloggers: Dominique Jones. Official Big East: Dominique Jones.

1. Louisville - taking care of business.
2. Connecticut - they've been sharp.
3. Georgetown - it's time to worry about a lack of quickness, or complacency, or whatever is making these games too close for a supposedly elite team.
4. Notre Dame - couldn't beat U Conn or Georgetown.
5. Marquette - the guards and defense are rounding into shape.
6. Pittsburgh - steady.
7. Syracuse - excellent performance on Saturday... I sent this before the performance yesterday afternoon.
8. West Virginia - someone had to be eight.
9. Cincinnati - Deonta Vaughn might be slumping from carrying the team all season. We'll see whet big John Williamson and the anonymous cast of "others" have in the coming weeks.
10. DePaul - only one game last week, a loss to Louisville.
11. Seton Hall - Hazell had a real nice week.
12. Villanova - right now, beating St. John's is like beating the Dolphins on Madden 08 playing the "rookie" setting.
13. Providence - i guess they're competing... I should have had them below St. John's.
14. USF - Jones and Gransberry were nice this week, and if Stan Heath can get a replacement for Gransberry and a pair of other players...
15. St. John's - can't we just end the season already? This hurts to watch.
16. Rutgers - at least the last beating was a competitive beating, which is more than we can say for the Red Storm.