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Kelvin Sampson, Fired.

Kelvin Sampson was informed today that he will no longer be the coach at Indiana University.

The Hoosiers are supposedly turning the reins to assistant coach Dan Dakich, who was Director of Basketball Operations at Indiana, and a head coach at Bowling Green State University previous to this. he also played for the Hoosiers from 82-85 and was an assistant coach for 10 years.

A quick note for those who think Bob Knight is the next coach, or the answer, from NBC Sports:

Here's what those fans can look forward to:

* A coach who, at 67, declared he was too tired to continue coaching Texas Tech and resigned with 10 games remaining on the schedule, plus the Big 12 Tournament and any postseason events that would want the Red Raiders.

* Who, since 1995, owns a 5-10 NCAA Tournament record that includes six first-round eliminations.

* Who lost NCAA Tournament games during that stretch to Jan van Breda Kolff, Jim O'Brien and Mike Jarvis, none of whom currently is a Division I head coach.

* Who hasn't signed a McDonald's All-American since Jared Jeffries was lured to Indiana in 2000 and who had two such players in the late-90s — Jason Collier and Neil Reed — transfer away from the Hoosiers.

* Who, according to, committed 20 high school prospects in his last five classes as Texas Tech who were not rated among the top 25 players at their positions — and only one who was.