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Big East Power Poll, 2.25.2008

The main poll, taken by a raft of Big East basketball bloggers, can be found (with a host of Big East News) at the NBE Basketball Blog. The season is coming to a close; teams are trying for the top seed in the Big East tournament to better their NCAA seedings, and others are trying real hard to get to that tournament. It's late; no comments on the poll this week from me.

1. Louisville

2. Notre Dame

3. Georgetown

4. Connecticut

5. Marquette

6. West Virginia

7. Pittsburgh

8. Cincinnati

9. Syracuse

10. Villanova

11. Seton Hall

12. DePaul

13. Providence

14. St. John's

15. South Florida

16. Rutgers

Kyle McAlarney, player of the week
Corey Stokes, freshman of the week