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Game #28: Seton Hall at St. John's basketball

Or, "is this season over yet?"

Analysis to come in between doing stuff for the people who pay me. But I wanted to post two things on the upcoming game:

- From the Storming the Floor Blog:

SATURDAY - Seton Hall vs. St. John's. "Hey Norm, don't you wish NYC had more talent to choose from? It totally screws us." "Yep, Bobby, you're soooo right."

Seton Hall fans need to take a moment and see where all of that Bobby Gonzalez bluster is getting them. He talks a big game, he woofs about how he's just hungry enough to steal a recruit from the big boys, how he's a competitive SOB, how Pitino hates him...

But where are those recruits? He's got Jeremy Hazell, and he had Michael Glover until he was ruled ineligible (aka the Derwin Kitchen special), Eugene "Nunu" Harvey, and a bunch of mediocre guys. Gonzalez says Seton Hall will compete for the top guys, but... we'll believe it when we see it.

But two years into his tenure at the Hall, the Pirates have 17 wins and the team's fighting for a win at St. John's so he can get into the Big East tourney - the win clinches their berth. It's early yet; and as long as he doesn't grope up on Erin Andrews...

Though fistfighting with one's assistants might be a little too bats**t crazy even for Bobby Gonzalez. Coaching on the edge, right there.