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Big East Power Poll, 3.2.2008

Aw, crap cakes in the morning, it's tomorrow. And I have to wake up early.

Have a poll. The full poll is here.

1. Louisville - Lookin' sharp, Pitino.
2. U Conn - Did I actually put Yukon second?
3. Georgetown - We'd really like to be convinced.
4. Notre Dame - One day they should try to beat someone real. And play better defense.
5. Marquette - Ugly, chippy, filled with deflections... that's how St. John's should look.
6. Pittsburgh - That they didn't tank is a testament to Jamie Dixon, but they're not getting to the Elite Eight. Yet again.
7. West Virginia - Can only win at home.
8. Syracuse - See above.
9. Cincinnati - They're like Providence, but with hope and a future.
10. Villanova - Live by the three, get drunk on the three... die missing threes.
11. Seton Hall - YOU GOT BEAT BY ST. JOHN'S. Just go home now and work on next season. You are nothing.
12. Providence - Like a Big East team, but with no spirit left.
13. DePaul - What's with all the losing records in the BE? Isn't the conference supposed to be competitive.
14. St. John's - Two more games in the season.
15. South Florida - The Bulls have two players. Unfortunately one is graduating.
16. Rutgers - At least our players don't get called out for not having heart.

Player of the week: Luke Harangody, Notre Dame (again)
Rookie of the Week: Dominique Jones, South Florida (again)