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Game #30: St. John's basketball vs West Virginia

The season ends tomorrow at the Garden as West Virginia brings their show into town. I wonder if they will go home or just take a few more days and hang out in the City? I mean, hell, 2-3 days of up north fun, the good clubs, and all that? Maybe they can use St. John's basketball practice facility, because Lord knows the Red Storm won't need it.

Joe Alexander shooting over BurrellWest Virginia has the look and feel of a dangerous 7-8 seed, and I'll be excited to see when they're in the tournament, especially against a Pac-10 team. There isn't much of a need to scout; this is kind of like a late September/ early October baseball game, where the other team is playing out the string. Hopefully St. John's will let the walk-ons play one time in the garden-- let Biesty get his shot off, let Obit do... what does Otaja Abit do? I don't know. Let's see it.

The last game was somewhat close, and I bet the young Storm feels that they could pull one out while the Mountaineers are sleeping on 'em. It would be nice to see improvements from Burrell defending Joe Alexander, and nice to see more offense out of him also.

It's Eugene Lawrence's final game in the red and white, and it's been a roller coaster ride. He came to play on the big stage, and that's been his goal; the man transferred to Lincoln from Canarsie to play with the big boys and get attention, and he chose St. john's rather than UNC-Charlotte for the same reason. And he's been a tough, crafty SOB at the point. His turnovers were a drawback, but he could really get to the free throw line. He might play in some low-level Euro leagues (kid, go to Argentina, the women there are like whoa. Wait, you have a child, and a baby momma? I take that back). Or he might go to Iceland like the disgraced Grady Reynolds.

Been a good ride. Well, not a good ride, but a ride, nonetheless. I hope Lawrence gets into announcing or coaching or something. i think he doesn't have the physical skill to be a high level player, but he has a lot of good ideas (that his body couldn't cash in on).

No Then and Now feature, it's late in the work day and I need to go home.

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