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Villanova Made It Rain on Them Hoes

Round I, Big East Tournament: Villanova 82, Syracuse 63

I caught a few minutes of the opening round Big East Tournament Nova/ Syracuse game at the bar around the corner. After the half, where Villanova was running and shooting in that nononoYES way that we expect from the team this year.

But the shots were going in. Fade away from the right corner coming off a screen? Swish. Jump shot two steps from the midcourt logo? Nylon. Syracuse, meanwhile, was picking up fouls (you were getting jobbed, Onuaku) and Donte' Green, yet again, forgets that he's tall and quick. 4-10 from 3pt land, 6-20 overall? Someone's becoming a [low-conscience] volume shooter! I hope he quells that crap when Rautins and Devendorf come back, because Devendorf is the [low-conscience] volume shooter.

Wait, I don't hope that at all. I want St. John's to take advantage of bad shots next year.

Stokes, Clark, Cunningham, and Scottie Reynolds tapped into their inner baller and made it rain like UGK or PacMan Jones. Syracuse looked like a bunch of freshmen trying to catch up.