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Big East Tournament Day 2: Results and Matchups

Yesterday's Big East Tournament Results:

Villanova 82, Syracuse 63. Villanova whipped the Orange with some hot shooting, face Georgetown NOW. More coverage.

West Virginia 58, Providence 53. Not the prettiest of games, and Alex Ruoff was cold, but they got the job done. Now the speculation season on Tim Welsh's job begins in earnest. No word yet, though.

Pittsburgh 70, Cincinnati 64. Deonta Vaughn can't save his team this time, it's over for them. Levance Fields played 36 minutes and Blair played 24. Interesting.

Marquette 67, Seton Hall 54. It was closer than that. No Big East run for the Pirates, though. But like it's been all year, Seton Hall really can't shoot. John Garcia had 8 minutes before fouling out.

On tap today, I smell some upsets:

12 pm Villanova vs Georgetown in the HELLS YEAH rematch of both last year and this year's controversial finish. G'Town coverage and here. Villanova coverage, and here, live blog on Lets Go Nova.

2 pm West Virginia vs Connecticut. I would love to see Joe Alexander put 32 on these foes and knock 'em out.

7 pm Pittsburgh at Louisville. Should be ugly. Louisville blog here.

9 pm Marquette vs Notre Dame. Notre Dame's and Marquette played twice already. They split. I like Marquette for inexplicable reasons. Marquette blog, Cracked Sidewalks with last night's recap. More ND Coverage.

If I were a pickin' man, I'd take 'Nova, U Conn (I'd love to be wrong on this one), Louisville, and Marquette.