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Big East Tournament Day 3: Matchups and Results

If I were a betting man, I'd be out of money.

12 pm Georgetown 82, Villanova 63. Nova was rolling for a while and then they forgot where the basket was located. Their NCAA chances are up in the air.

2 pm West Virginia 78, Connecticut 72. We always love a U Conn loss. Here's video of a dunk courtesy of Big East Hoops:

You my boy, Alexander! Here's a liveblog from The Mountain Top.

7 pm Pittsburgh 76, Louisville 69. Huh, I kinda didn't see this one coming. I was going out to dinner as this one was on, and was in a sleepy part of Chicago trying to find a liquor store for a BYOB barbecue joint. The place I found had the game on in the back, some surly possibly-Irish folk, and some of the worst low-end liquor I've ever seen. Mad Dog 20/20 was prominently featured against wood paneling. I stuck out like an inkspot on a white sheet. I wanted to be in that place about as much as I wanted to watch that game.

9 pm Marquette 89, Notre Dame 79. See, Marquette plays defense. The Irish do not. And they give up a whole lot of points per possession. Notre Dame coverage of that realization, and Marquette coverage at Cracked Sidewalks and at the Journal Sentinel.

(if this image isn't coming through for you, click on it or go to the Van Buren Boys blog for the full sized image.)
Big East Bracket as of Friday
Tonight's Semifinal Games:

7 pm Georgetown vs. West Virginia. More experienced than U Conn, I think G'Town wins unless Ruoff gets his shooting stroke back.

9 pm Pittsburgh vs Marquette. Tough call, here, but I don't think Marquette can shoot like that again. I'd take Pitt and Sam Young's ill athleticism.