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Coaching Carousel Update: Ben Braun's Seat's So Hot It Hasto Wear Ice

An update to the earlier post

I was thinking of an opposite to "his future's so bright it has to wear shades," but it didn't work. But the Coaching Carousel is slow-moving so far:

- Dennis Felton is catching some support for another year from the media and incoming recruits.

- Indiana is seemingly interested in Washington State's Tony Bennett, Brad Brownell from Wright State, and the coveted Sean Miller from Xavier.

- I wonder if VCU and U Mass' early tournament exits will make Anthony Grant and Travis Ford less delectable candidates for the hungry fanbases at LSU, South Carolina, and possibly... Georgia Tech?

- And out west, fans write goodbye poems and even have a Fire Ben Braun site up-- it's just like the pros! The internet brings pressure to bear.

Ben Braun's been there for 10 years, and hasn't taken the team past the second round... expect St. Mary's College coach Randy Bennett to get a call if Braun is sent packing, but Ben Braun will coach again. As will John Brady. 10 years of okay results is much better than 3-5 years of pretty bad results.