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March Madness Access, LSU, NJIT, and Scrabulous

While the rest of the bored Friday internet seekers are looking for pictures of Eliot Spitzer's call girl (by the way - people, stop talking about her character. It's the Gov who did wrong! She's just working!), some links:

- current St. John's assistant Chris Casey has applied for the NJIT job. You know, the former Newark College of Engineering, the new Division I team that went 0-29 this year, have no conference, and are an engineering school in Jers. I guess after this year at St. John's, anything could be an improvement.

- Louisiana State has hollered at Tim Floyd about coming to the Bayou to make the Tigers work.

- Did you know you could watch the NCAA Men's basketball games online for free? If your work doesn't block it, of course. And even then, isn't the cloak still around? I think it is. Get around your work restrictions! They may take your jobs, but they'll never take your... BASKETBALL!

- Meanwhile, the NCAA is working on new ways to pack in football-sized crowds for the finals.

- Facebook's Scrabulous vs the NCAA Tournament, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.