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Second Day of the Tournament, St. John's basketball's Norm Roberts on HalftimeShow

BIG endings this afternoon. Western Kentucky took a little bite out of my bracket with that game-ending 3-pointer against Drake (the 12 over 5 "curse" strikes again), and Davidson came back and justified my faith in them, beating Gonzaga with big shots and offensive pressure. I know they were worried about disappointing me. Especially Stephen Curry and Jason Richards.

Stephen Curry

Just so you know, I got 14 of 15 games right yesterday in my bracket.

I'm listening to Norm Roberts (St. John's coach) and Joe Jones (coach of Columbia) do the halftime analysis on the NCAA/ CBS' online March Madness on Demand coverage. (Yes, I am not doing work.) Nice to see them getting their names out there. Norm was on yesterday's halftime coverage also; he looks uncomfortable with the camera, and he's never been known as a real media hog or quirky interview. He's more of a "good guy" and a "grinder" on the recruiting trail, as we have heard.

But both coaches (and especially Norm Roberts) make basketball sound like a bunch of guys who magically learn to make shots, space themselves, and play smart basketball. As if the comebacks and plays are no reflection on the coach, or a coach's ability to either motivate, or change scheme to change their fortunes within a game.

Main Announcer: What makes a guy score 6 points in one half, and get hot in the second half?
Both coaches: *shrug* Talent. It's just talent.

Norm praised Davidson coach Bob McKillop for being a New York guy, of course. Which was nice. But the slavish love of how juniors just know how to space the floor... can't coaches teach their players how to do that? Isn't that what drills are for? Just saying.