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Coaching Carousel: St. John's Assistants

Here is a post on schools you might not care about:

- Matt Brady, formerly of NorthEast Conference's Marist College (and a pretty good coach) is moving up (or south) to James Madison University, a Colonial Athletic Conference Association School; he is to accept the job today. JMU had also considered former St. John's coach Mike Jarvis.

- According to Jeff Goodman on FOX, Marist is looking for a proven recruiter, and St. John's Fred Quartelbaum, known as a recruiter in his time as an assistant with North Carolina, Notre Dame, and St. John's, might fit the bill. Chris Casey is one of millions being looked at for the NJIT job. Good for them. I wonder what the rules are about players following an assistant coach? With the numbers crunch, especially at shooting guard, I could see a player leaving St. John's for another school and more playing time.

- Goodman also mentions that Providence might look at Fran McCaffrey. Who is a good coach, recruiter, a smarty pants (a degree from Wharton School of Business) and has plenty of experience. And a wife, Margaret McCaffrey who generates national headlines-- she rips on officials, and used to be a baller at Notre Dame.