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Coaching Carousel: Tom Crean to Indiana

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The Marquette fans are sad, understand, and are listing coaching candidates as we speak.

I still can't believe this is an April Fools joke. Well, some pros and cons:


  • Indiana is a big name. Recruits on the big name. Is broadcast like a big name.
  • Fertile recruiting ground like none other.
  • Long tradition and deeeep pocketed boosters.
  • Weaker conference (y'all know the Big East is a gauntlet)
  • Has a shot ot Terrell Holloway and Tyreke Evans, former Indiana commits.
  • CONS:

  • Marquette is the place where Crean made his name, and he is the man; At Indiana, he will receive scrutiny like nowhere else.
  • No returning starters.
  • Slight threat of NCAA sanctions thank to Kelvin Sampson.
  • If his team slips, there is no run of impressive sounding Big East wins to fall back on: compare this second tier string of victories -"Ohio State! Illinois! Purdue!"to

    "Syracuse! Pittsburgh! Notre Dame!"

  • That's a real late start on recruiting, though.
  • The school's basketball program is still under the long shadow of Bobby Knight.
  • Meanwhile, I am sure Sean Miller and Brad Brownell's phones are a-ringing right about... four hours ago. And Keno Davis' too. More to come in future posts.

    Tom Crean's coaching career notes here and here.