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College Basketball Notes 04.02.08

T Boone Pickens

  • It's awesome that Oklahoma State has a famed booster named T. Boone Pickens. What a name! And he's an oilman! His straw reaches across the room, and he drinks your milkshake! He drinks it up!*

    Anyway: Bill Self denies reports that not-so-slim Pickens' money will be aiming Bill Self's way to lure the coach from the Kansas Jayhawks (currently in the Final Four) to the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Of course, he can't say "they've contacted me," because Jayhawk fans (and players) might actually kill the coach.


    Where there's smoke... there's fire... but I can't imagine making that move. Alma Mater is nice and all, but why step away from a potential #1 team to a crappier team in the same dang conference? Jeff Goodman thinks OK State will target Gillispie also.

  • NIT Finals: Ohio State upends Ole Miss, and U! Mass! serves up a plate of whoopass on the young Florida Gators. Go Minutemen!
  • Out west, San Diego Torreros coach Bill Grier confirms that he interviewed for the Oregon State job. I'm sure it's better money, but who wants to be the toilet paper of the Pac-10? I'd stay in San Diego just for the weather.
  • Coaching Carousel News: Jim Larranga to Providence seems to be in the works.

  • *when all of your friends quote "There Will Be Blood," it's hard to not catch the fever.