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St. John's basketball recruiting: Update on Tyshawn Taylor

Quick update about one of the recruits Tom Cream had coming to Marquette before he decided to leave for Indiana.

New Jersey's Tyshawn Taylor is a quick, talented guard... the kind teams like St. John's covet. He is (was?) also a Marquette recruit. Northstar Basketball blog caught up with Taylor:

I just spoke to Taylor about the breaking news regarding the Marquette program, and about what his future will be. "It was a shock to me, . . . I'm kind of shocked. . . . I didn't really know [that this was going to happen]," said Taylor of Crean's departure from the university for IU. I inquired as to whether or not Taylor would seek a release from his Letter of Intent to the school, to which he replied "I don't know, . . . I'm not sure. . . . I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. . . . I'm going to talk to my coaches about it. . . . I have no idea, . . . I want to see what coach they bring in. . . . If a coach comes in and changes the style [of play, that would not be something I'd like]. . . . I want to go to Marquette. . . . I love Tom Crean."

I followed that up by asking him if he'd consider following Crean to Indiana, and he said, "I don't know, . . . I just want to see what he's thinking." Tyshawn told me that he "hasn't talked to [Crean] yet." I questioned Taylor about what schools he would look at if he was let out of his LOI, and he answered saying "I don't know. . . . I don't know what schools are really interested." He informed me that prior to choosing Marquette, his other finalists were "Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, . . . North Carolina and Kansas," and that "those were the five schools [he] planned on visiting," though he only got to check out "Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech," along with Marquette.

More of North Star Basketball's conversation with Tyshawn Talyor at their website.


Tyshawn Taylor is looking to get out of his letter of intent (LOI). The new coach will be able to re-recruit him, but Coach Bob Hurley wants him to have options; Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech both are interested (again). Of note is how Hurley mentions how Rutgers and Seton Hall are not in the mix (and can't be, because of rules restricting a player to signing an LOI with only one school), but doesn't mention St. John's. The Red Storm are minor.