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College Basketball Notes, 04.04.08

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*U Mass lost to Ohio State last night, and Travis Ford is already dealing with direct questions about whether he's going to bolt for the LSU job. For the last month, all signs have pointed to "yes."

*Storming the Floor's preview of the Final Four games.

I Have a Dream Speech*On the 40th anniversary of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King's death, articles work hard to link the pace where he died and the Memphis Basketball team. Uh, that's a swing and a miss.

*In fake news, the Onion has an article where the Memphis Tigers explain they're not quite Cinderella, they're Rumplestiltzkin.

*Keno Davis was named AP Coach of the Year.

*Tyler Hansbrough was named AP college basketball player of the year.

*Kentucky's Patrick Patterson will need 4-6 months to heal from surgery on his ankle.

*NBE Hoops notes that Buzz Williams and Ohio's Tim O'Shea are strong candidates at Marquette, Seton Hall's Larry Davis (and his poor shooting) is transferring from the Pirates. O'Shea is also going to interview at Providence.

*Eric Gordon is going pro. No surprise there. His shot selection in the latter part of the year left something to be desired, but he should be a lottery pick in the NBA draft.

*Out west, Jessie Evans really is getting rogered by the University of San Francisco, where the school told the SF Chronicle that he committed NCAA infractions and using the "loss of control" verbiage. Evans is suing for unlawful termination.