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Coaching Carousel: Travis Ford to OK State

Travis Ford signatureThe boy wonder, Travis Ford, is off to Oklahoma State. Man, that means he won't come through New York and pay visits to the home bar, where Massholes congregate. And no more visits to Rose Hill gym, where he lovingly signs autographs when you accost him after the game.

We'll miss you on the East Coast, Ford. But I bet that money is right, and you get back to the south/ midwest.

By the way, on Keno Davis' hire at Providence and Frank Martin's extension: how does a guy who gets his team to the second round (as an 11 seed) get a pay package that comes up to $760,000 (Martin), and a similar rookie coach (Davis) who didn't get out of the first round gets a cool million per year?

Is it the regional difference (Providence is more expensive)?

Is it the cost of getting a guy to move schools?

Is it the "you had an NBA lottery pick" effect?

Just asking. Not that either amount is chump change, and not that either amount is justified. Just asking.