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News Articles on St. John's basketball Transfers

NY Post's Lenn Robbins:

According to a statement released yesterday by St. John's coach Norm Roberts, Wright, the Red Storm's best 3-point shooter, was leaving "because of the recent discovery of an illness involving a member of his immediate family."

But when reached by The Post, Wright acknowledged that although a disc problem that has been plaguing his mother's back since mid-season had gotten worse, his more pressing reason for leaving was the chance to have a more prominent role.

Daily News' Roger Rubin:

The reasons for the two transfers are different, but Wright's departure will be more damaging. The 6-1 sophomore guard was third on the team in scoring with a 9.1-point average and the Red Storm's top three-point threat, making 40.2%....

Cavataio, a 6-4 freshman swingman, averaged 1.4 points and 1.2 rebounds in about six minutes a game. Though he likes St. John's and has enjoyed his time at the school, he wants to be part of a program where he can play and contribute more....

Four of the six recruits in his first class departed to play elsewhere. Every member of his third recruiting class - Qu'rraan Calhoun, Avery Patterson, Derwin Kitchen and now Wright - will not finish with St. John's.

"These are the kinds of this that happen when you're rebuilding a program from the very bottom," Roberts said Monday. "Some of the people you recruit are being brought in to fill roster spots with the best talent available."

I don't even know what that quote means. At year 4, with a 7 member class, he needed Cav to fill out a roster spot? Why not save it for the next year, then? And Larry? He did more than fill out the roster spot... is he going to get someone better to shoot the basketball?!

An apt description from the comic Bizarro.

Bizarro pic