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St. John's Agrees to Renew Rollover Contract with Norm Roberts

Coach Roberts has his contract renewal.

What took so long?

May 9, 2008

QUEENS, N.Y. - St. John's University Director of Athletics Chris Monasch announced on Friday that head coach Norm Roberts has agreed to a renewal of his five-year rollover contract, and will continue to lead the rebuilding of the University's basketball program.

"As stated in February, Coach Roberts has established the foundation for a successful program -- integrity, hard work and discipline. Our student-athletes are performing well in the classroom and are getting better on the court," stated Monasch. "We are pleased with what Norm and his staff have accomplished over the past four years, and believe the progress in many key areas is consistent with the expectations expressed by the University, our supporters and Coach Roberts when he was hired in 2004."

"Coach Roberts and St. John's are committed to extending that success onto the basketball court," Monasch continued. "The primary focus of this contact [sic] renewal emphasizes the importance of being successful on the court. We are confident that at this point, we have a young, talented nucleus that will return our program to its winning tradition in the very near future."

"This agreement shows the commitment that St. John's is making to me and my staff, to continue to build our program and make it as strong as it possibly can be, not just for now but for the long term," said Roberts. "We believe that we are building a solid foundation with our young players. They are working hard every single day to improve individually and as a team. We are increasing our talent level all the time, and we know as a program we are getting better every day."

Getting better every day. Interesting. Another few years of Norm Roberts...