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Memorial Day + Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui from GQEmmanuelle Chriqui from GQIt's quiet in the sport world besides:

- the Willie Randolph Death Watch,

- players still transferring,

- pictures of your possible #1 and #2 picks,

- wondering how the Knicks can upgrade their point guard situation from Marbury,

- a review of this winter's baseball trades,

- a Dana O'Neil article on how next year's list of one-and-done college players should be much shorter, and tendency to have players rated and signed before/ early in high school (O'Neil is becoming my new favorite female sports writer now that Lisa Olson's been chopped up by Lupica and has not yet resurfaced)...

But then I came across this photo gallery of Emmanuelle Chriqui and I realized the following. Memorial Day is a day made to celebrate and memorialize military sacrifice, to think about what a good life we lead because of those who came before us, and it is a day to shirk work and surf the internet more than usual. Which, I suppose, is a lot.

So enjoy! Limited posting over the weekend, time for a wedding and a barbecue.