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Sports Links, 05.27.08

Well, it's about sports, kinda: Obama's right hand man on the campaign trail is none other than former Duke guard/ forward Reggie Love. The New York Times loves the story, NY Mag wants him to run for president in the future (Shane Battier will get there first), and Gawker compares him very favorably to John Kerry's right hand man, who never introduced Kerry to Jay-Z's music. Nice place to continue your post-sport career.

- Your Orlando Pre NBA Draft Camp list. I hope they have a lot of bunks because that's a lot of fellas.

- Mike Jarvis, former St. John's coach often likened to the devil for his improper payments and laxness in recruiting for the Red Storm, will be coaching at Florida Atlantic.

- The Mets are so bad that MetsGeek (one of my favorite Met blogs) has changed its name to "RaysGeek." THAT, I think, is too far.

- Related: Gary Carter is a full bushel bag of dicks for openly reaching out to the Mets when he heard that Willie Randolph's job was in might be jeopardy (and kudos for Keith Hernandez for calling him out on air). And it might be that our 2008 iteration of the Mets is just mediocre, not the most abysmal chunk of useless turdblossom to grace the National League.

- Also: new player Nick Evans has my favorite number, #6. It's been worn by 35 Mets and this is the second wearer this season. Oh, Timoniel Perez, why couldn't you have been better.

- Also: Luis Castillo isn't very good. I really hated that re-signing. And Jose Valentin might be on his way back. He might actually be an improvement over Castillo (FAMOUS LAST WORDS).