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St. John's basketball recruiting: One More Article on Stith

An article on St. John's new recruit, Malik Stith, the point guard from North Carolina's East Mecklenburg High and from New York, originally. From the Charlotte Observer:

He said he committed to St. John's this week, choosing the Red Storm over Auburn, Baylor, Marquette, Nebraska, Oregon State and South Florida. St. John's will get a guy who plays with heart and who plays hard. If Stith, who will attend Bridgeton (Maine) Academy in the fall, finds a consistent jump shot, he'll be an impact player in the 2009-10 season.

"One of the big reasons I (chose St. John's) was going back home where my family and friends can see me play," said Stith, who is from the New York area. "And it was about the history of the school and the comfort level I have with the coaches. And I can play in the Big East and not go to the biggest school, and go somewhere where I can be a program-changer and help the program get better."

We can only hope, Malik.