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Sports Links 06.03.08

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A collection of links... heavy on the baseball.

*Oliver Perez... didn't get out of the first inning of last night's game against the FREAKING GIANTS.

Incredibly, Perez offered little in the way of an explanation – or an apology to his teammates. For a guy that already has been called out by Billy Wagner for quitting back on April 30, not to mention a free agent gunning for a huge contract, Perez once again seemed oblivious afterward.

"It’s not the only one and it’s not going to be the last one," said Perez, suggesting that his next flop could be as soon as five days from now. "It’s one of those days you want to forget."

*Moises Alou takes back what he said about Bartman not being responsible for the Cubs collapse in 2003, insisting once again that he would have caught the ball. No mention of how his team booted the REST of the inning. Just the other day, I started mouthing off to some Cubs fans 'round my corner when a dude dropped a ball and his friends called him "Bartman." Let the poor Bartman alone!

*Major League Baseball's case to have player names and statistics tied to copyright law (so that the MLB could then control which fantasy leagues could use those names and numbers, for a fee of course) was not heard by the Supreme Court; an interview from CNBC with MLB's CEO Bob Bowman on the case and its aftermath.

*Now that the Less Devilish Rays are winning on the field, they hope to win a St. Petersburg City Council vote for a new stadium. I saw "redevelopment" in this article and I rolled my eyes.

Bike Accident in Mexico*A really effed up bicycle accident; one person died when a drunk driver, asleep at the wheel, plowed into these cyclists in a Mexican race.

*Flip Saunders "not coming back" to coach the Pistons. Here, I'd expect to see Avery Johnson take the reins.

*The Spurs are in worse shape for a high level comeback from this season's disappointing results, according to John Hollinger; their players are all old and they have little else in the pipeline.

*A look at some of the college seniors expecting to be picked in this year's NBA Draft from Storming the Floor.

*A look at Florida Atlantic's hiring of former St. John's coach Mike Jarvis with some statistical elements from Basketball Prospectus.

*The NY Giants' Osi Umenyiora held a black tie event for his Strike 4 A Cure charity, focusing on AIDS and Alzheimer's Disease.

*The St. Louis Rams' lease calls for their stadium to be "state of the art" by 2015... and the "we need a new stadium" talks begin.

*The Jets, a surprise team this year? P...p-playoffs?!

Brigitte Bardot contempt* Did you know that Brigitte Bardot has gone from a fine film career and sunning in Buzios, Brazil (where she has a sculpture) in the 60s to a fervent anti-Muslim? She caught a fine for a letter she sent to then-Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy for inciting racial hatred.

One day, this could be your favorite idolized film star, far right, married to a "former" member of the racist National Front. And I know she loves France and is a French nationalist, but doesn't she know that in the US, you can't be fined for racist speech?