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Sports Nibbles 06.09.08 - St. John's recruiting and more

Sports Nibbles (I liked the word better than links, which make me think of sausage links) because I haven't had time to fully digest what I have been reading:

Two college basketball notes from Adam Zagoria:

- Kevin Parrom visited Xavier (unofficially) and will swing by Marquette with teammate Omari Lawrence. Parrom told Zagoria that he'll be at South Kent school for his senior year. Marquette University, unfortunately, might be a nice spot if Parrom and Lawrence want to stay together, with the Golden Eagles graduating 3 successful guards (Dominic James, Jerel McNeal, Wesley Matthews) right before they arrive.

- Donald Williams is waiting for Marquette to send him a plane ticket so he can visit. He spoke well of his visit to St. John's. No decisions yet, just visits.

60% of retired NBA players go broke? I found this Toronto Star article linked at many of my favorite blogs, from True Hoop to Freakonomics to Black Fives, which has some strong advice for those players. I hope they're reading, because the financial illiteracy is staggering among certain groups of people, and that's not how anyone gets ahead. I have an addendum that has to do with the concept of not having a future orientation, but I need to finish work and not be writing a serious blog post, y'all.

Best quote from Mangini:

[Gholston] is behind the rest of the rookies because of an NCAA/NFL rule that prevents rookies from participating in pro camps before their class has graduated from college. Gholston went to Ohio State, which operates on a trimester system, making its graduation date later than most schools....

Gholston looked a bit lost at times Friday, especially in pass coverage. He's moving from defensive end to outside linebacker. He shouldn't expect to be cut any slack by Mangini, though, because of the missed time.

"It's not his fault that he couldn't be here, but it's not like he was getting his master's," Mangini said. "He had plenty of free time. In between 'Judge Judy' and what is it, 'Days of Our Lives,' whatever is on during the daytime, you can study. There are enough hours in the day regardless of how many curls you're going to do."

Vinny Del Negro as coach of the Bulls. Vinny Del... out of nowhere?!