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St. John's basketball: Larry Wright Transfers to Oakland (MI) University

so fla vs stj wright shotThe Detroit News reports that former St. John's guard Larry Wright is transferring to Oakland University. It's in Michigan, between Flint + Detroit, not in the Bay Area.Just in case you didn't know.

The coach Greg Kampe sounds excited to get him:

ROCHESTER, Mich. – Oakland University received more good news on Tuesday morning when St. John’s University guard Larry Wright (6-2/172) decided to come and play for the Golden Grizzlies, announced by men’s basketball coach Greg Kampe. Wright, an incoming junior from Saginaw, Mich., is the sixth and final player in this remarkable recruiting class for OU.

"In my 25 years of recruiting, on paper, this is the best recruiting class we have ever had and by far," said Kampe. "We’re bringing in a player that started in the Big East, was the team’s third leading scorer, and had several double-digit scoring games for the Red Storm. Most of the time when you get transfers, they are leaving because they are unhappy with playing time, but he was getting all the playing time in the world, he just wanted to come home."....

"I’m very excited that he decided to come to Oakland and play, because he could have gone to a lot of other schools," said Kampe. "It says a lot about my assistant coaches and the job that they have done in recruiting. Larry shot 40 percent from downtown in the Big East last year, so that tells you how good of a three-point shooter he is with the defense they play in that conference. With (Erik) Kangas graduating next year, we will be able to replace one great shooter with another."

St. John's (few remaining) fans wish you and your family well; hopefully Paris Horne, Quincy Roberts, or some other player can be the outside shooter you were for the Red Storm (or better), and your efforts were appreciated, even if the coach put you in the doghouse.

Here is the Year In Review post. And this Oakland University blog is going to be full of joy, as well.