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FITP Postseason Basketball Roundtable

Recently, I participated in a basketball roundtable through the Feet in the Paint blog, with some fine bloggers, including Setshot, With Malice…, Hoops State of Mind, Fouled Out!, Khandor’s Sports Blog, and Slam Dunk Central on:

  • the Phoenix Suns' and the "7 Seconds" concept's possible demise,
  • Kobe's MVP,
  • the NBA's big stars in small markets,
  • Boston + LA's rise to the Finals,
  • the NBA age limit,
  • Euroleague vs. the Developmental League,
  • collegiate basketball vs the NBA,
  • OJ Mayo,
  • the reluctance of top-flight NBA players to perform on the international circuit,
  • and the importance of a great point guard vs the importance of a great center...

Check it out at Feet in the Paint's Postseason Roundtable Discussion. Thanks to FITP for including me on this, it was good fun.