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St. John's basketball recruiting update: Donald Williams

An update on suddenly-hot basketball recruit Donald Williams from Progressive Christian in Maryland:

Marquette, according to the Journal-Sentinel blog, may be saving their scholarships for the 2009-2010 recruiting class... which may leave them out of the Donald Williams recruiting. They may be choosing to spread out their scholarships a little more, or maybe they didn't like what they saw.

Additionally, Oklahoma State is involved at this point; Donald Williams states that he will try to take a visit to Stillwater, Oklahoma, before the end of the month. Travis Ford is the new coach at Oklahoma State... and he plays the fast kind of style to the young folks tend to say they enjoy, so Williams' visit is an interesting development.

Either way, St. John's - and Coach Roberts' - success will depend on the development of the players already on the roster, mostly, whether or not Donald Williams comes to the Red Storm.