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Marquette Gets their Own 7 Foot Project

Marquettegoldeneagles4_medium According to the Cracked Sidewalks blog, Buzz PetersonWilliams and the Marquette staff have signed an under the radar 7 foot, 260 pound center from Canada named Liam McMorrow. So let's call him a centre, in honor of his heritage. No one knew that the Marquette staff were in the process of signing this kid until he appeared on campus.

Nice work, Buzz.

Apparently, going to a college in Canada (Durham College in Ontario) makes him a transfer, so he won't officially suit up until 09-10. Like St. Johns' under the radar centre Phil Wait, he's 21 (according to the extremely short YouTube video), and a project; McMorrow played hockey growing up. He will have three years of eligibility left once he is eligible.

More information from CSTV and from Todd Rosiak's Golden Eagles blog.

I assume this means that like St. John's, Marquette is taking a pass on guard Donald Williams, who is supposed to be on their campus this weekend, around the same time that NYC guards Omari Lawrence and Kevin Parrom are taking their unofficial visits.