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St. John's basketball: Big East Schedule Pairings Released

The Big East has released the lists of scheduled pairings for all Big East men's basketball teams, including home opponents, away opponents, and home-and-home pairings (the three teams that a conference member plays twice). For St. John's, the home and home pairs are:

- Notre Dame Fighting Irish (the Irish fans will make more noise at the Garden than the home fans),

- Seton Hall Pirates (the most similar local rival; Bobby Gonzalez will probably play the game at SHU's on campus arena to get the Red Storm back for the slight of playing last year's game at St. John's Carnesecca Arena) (WAAAAHHHH)

- Cincinnati Bearcats  (didn't we do this last year?)

Complete List of Big East Matchups

Home Away
Cincinnati @ Cincinnati
Connecticut @ Depaul
Georgetown @ Marquette
Louisville @ Notre Dame
Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh
Rutgers @ Providence
Seton Hall @ Seton Hall
South Florida @ Villanova
Syracuse @ West Virginia


More analysis to come.