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Big East Conference 2008-09 Summer Basketball Preview

In the pure interest of self-promotion, I have the first installment of an article called "In and Out: Big East Conference 2008-09 Summer Preview" up at Johnny Jungle. The article is a look at each Big East basketball team and how their recruiting classes will help them in the coming year. I'll be posting links as they go up on the Jungle; there will be 4 teams covered every other day.

The first 4 teams covered: West Virginia, Villanova, Syracuse, and South Florida. A summary: West Virginia's recruiting class will definitely affect their year, Villanova's will not, and their players need to improve, Syracuse really could surprise folks, and South Florida is coming closer to having a roster full of Big East talent.

Again: check it out.

Comments? Suggestions? Beefs? Comment and let me know what you think.